Based on the true untold story of Joseph Bologne, Chevalier de Saint-Georges, a celebrated violinist-composer and fencer. The illegitimate son of an African slave and a French plantation owner who rose to unbelievable heights in French society, complete with an ill-fated love affair and a falling out with Marie Antoinette and her court.
The movie comes out in April around the same time we will be in Paris with our 2 groups, “ Strolling through Black Paris”. Perhaps it will be playing at the UCG George V on the Champs Elysees; a mere 5-10 minute “Stroll” from our hotel in the chic 16th arrondisement. Do you want to “Stroll” with us? We have a room with a view for you.
See the Trailer.

7 thoughts on “CHEVALIER, WHO WAS HE?

  1. Thanks Kat and you know I’m going to see the movie. I’ve played a few of his pieces and they’re difficult. He was a brilliant composer. Some called him the Black Mozart and it is rumored Mozart copied some of his work. Both styles are similar. Have a great time and you know I’m going to ask you about seeing this in Paris.

  2. Hey cuz. I just read up on him recently. I didn’t know a movie was coming out. What a remarkable story. I can’t wait to see the movie. We have such a rich history.

  3. Dear Kat,

    I cringe when I hear Joseph Bologne described as the illegitimate son on an African slave and a wealthy French plantation owner.

    In fact, based on my years of research into his story, Joseph Bologne’s mother, Nanon, was a free Black woman….called the most beautiful and desirable woman on the island of Guadeloupe, when she was pursued and agreed to enter into a “contractual relationship” with a wealthy French aristocrat in 1760. That contract called “placage” gave Nanon and her child, born in 1762, certain rights and privileges. It is my understanding that Joseph’s aristocrat French father brought both Nanon and his son back to Paris, acknowledging his relationship with both….proud of his son, who would eventually be called THE most accomplished man of his era!

    All this to say, WE MUST EXPLAIN why the French have had a long, very different history when it came to enslavement, their relationships with free Black women and their love of their Black children! Hope this helps explains Chevalier’s history, due in movie theaters soon. I just pray the film producers have told his story correctly. I’m so tired of the same illegitimate, slave/master tale as seen through an American lens.


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    • Dear Ricki, thanks for your enlightenment on the subject matter. Nonetheless, the difference between how blacks and whites perceive enslavement among other things will probably remain just that…different

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