Strolling Through Black Paris in Review

How ya gonna keep them down on the farm after they’ve seen Black Par-ee? At least the way Robin & Kat presents it. I’ve been at it 4 decades, Robin & I together 2 decades. I started the ‘Stroll” before 2000. Robin and I were the Black Paris Divas in early 2000. We were it, really though, “the shit” because we were the trailblazers. We were the Divas before there were any others. Now it’s Diva this and Diva that in the world of travel. We have been often imitated but never duplicated. We started taking folks to Josephine Baker’s mansion 5 hours from Paris when folks in Paris had no clue how to get there.

No matter what, we have fun; dining at our most frequented black owned restaurants, patronizing our black professional bilingual private chauffeurs from when they worked for the man but now years later own their own transportation companies, handling Paris Fashion Week, Chanel receptions, and international sporting events etc. We haven’t forgotten them and they haven’t forgotten us. They will be at our service in April. Oh, there is a room or two available. It’s been sold out for months but cancellations do happen.

It gives me great joy to see pictures of Sakari at the age of 2 while babysitting her in my Paris apartment and she’s 9 talking about traveling to Osaka Japan for Expo 2025. A few years back Yvette Binns was with us with her daughter Michelle both Deltas, now Michelle with a daughter of her own. Next year will be a real treat taking the group to the champagne region for tasting, lunch & Jazz. So many have told me, “ I want to do your Stroll Through Black Paris”. I say to them, “Well what are you waiting for”?

3 thoughts on “Strolling Through Black Paris in Review

  1. Haaayyy my memories ! Missed the Josephine Baker years but Baby I’m grateful for my Gay Paree tour with you ! Paris was one of the world venues I had always dreamed of visiting it is the fashion capital of the world . . .
    I’m With baby girl Sakari
    I’m in for Japan in 2025!

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