We Not Only Travel

As I prepare to return home after 2 weeks in the Bay with family; I’m reflecting on other projects I’ve been involved in. One of the most important has been my prison ministry which now has come to a close. I had at least 20 inmates on my team; AK47, most serving time in the FBOP, Federal Bureau of Prisons. Why AK47? It was the initials of myself and an inmate and our birth years when that firearm was manufactured. We prayed at the 3 count times and my Muslim brothers prayed more than that. I spent hundreds on ink, paper and postage. After a tour they would be eagerly awaiting my blogs showing most of the young men a world they never imagined existed outside of the concrete and razor wire they faced daily. They weren’t selfish. My blogs were passed around the penitentiary and when they went home they buzzed in another to the family. Some of those young men had children so I had to think about them. So thus became Kat’s KOI ( kids of inmates). You know the legend of the Koi fish: They made their way upstream going against the current, building strength and perseverance. That’s what these kids had to do. A big thank you to my blog followers that contributed at times for Christmas. Now all dads are home. Well the last 2, one last month and one next week.

Prayer changes things and if you didn’t know, watch this: M. Curry Designs – 15 yr sentence, home in 2018, a major player in the Seattle art scene, commissioned to paint murals all over the city. Another, life WITHOUT the possibility of parole, did 23 yrs now home with a barber business. 2 youngsters out of high school, co defendants, sentenced to 11 life sentences plus 220 years of enhancements served about 13yrs. Nobody was killed but that was truly overkill by the state of California. Their case picked up by the Innocence Project. They are both home now with families of their own. Another with a real estate business, another same job 6 yrs. My beloved Cuzzo served 17 years now with a transportation company. The last 2 to be released did 12 yrs each with a date of 2029. Thank God, home for the holidays 2022. I’d like to add that now that some have paid their debts they are now traveling with Kat to Jamaica, Egypt, South Africa and Dubai and legitimately flying First Class. One said, “If it’s over 2 hrs I gotta be in First or Business”. That’s what’s up! I had a hand in that spoiling. His mother couldn’t be there for his release so I flew him home first class. When we stepped up to TSA he was addressed as Mr. No inmate number. These men are definitely treating themselves not cheating themselves.

Check out the artwork – Amazing! http://www.mcurrydesigns.com

11 thoughts on “We Not Only Travel

  1. Wow! M Curry designs does exceptional work. The innocence project has been on my bucket list of projects I would like to participate in. The guardian ad litem program is first up as soon as I dropped down to staff relief. Great to hear the men you’ve worked with have done well.

  2. OMG. That was a beautiful, uplifting and blessed story. I had no idea. Thank you for sharing and all you have done. You are truly a gift.  Love ya girl,  Danette Hayles

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