Kat’s Kibbles and Bits

Greetings Travelers! After being on LOCK through the pandemic; the inherent need and desire for wanderlust abounds worldwide. Since borders have opened up the floodgates too have opened up. It’s been those that think about travel before they close their eyes at night, those that think about travel on their daily commute and those that work from home staring at that blasted computer screen. Since July 2021 myself and the adventure seeking Kat Traxers have made our way to Jamaica, Paris, The Maldives, Dubai, Australia, South Africa, The Netherlands, Iceland and Kenya. I’m here as a witness to tell you the flights are going out full. No more hoping for an upgrade to business or first class or even just getting your favorite seat in economy because the space gets booked up immediately. That said; Egypt and the Red Sea Extension 2023 is 11 months away and yes filling up quickly. Some of you blog followers have expressed an interest but have yet to commit. My old Sunday School Superintendent Deacon Andrews (rip) would say, “It takes money to buy land.” Then he would pause and say, “In California”. Oh if he knew how things have changed. So, what I’m saying is this; If you really want Egypt and you’ve been dreaming about it for years; Charlie “Yardbird” Parker’s music would tell you, NOW’S THE TIME. We are about to book our domestic flights now within Egypt which are included in this amazing package. Those are the flights from Cairo to Luxor and from Aswan back to Cairo. That’s after our glorious 4 days sailing on the Nile river. You still have a little time so don’t get left out.

Kenya, Kenya, Kenya 2024 has taken off like a rocket. For real? Yes! We are hoping to see the Great Migration and we have taken over the entire camp, all 16 tents. One tent could be available today if the deposit does not arrive today by 5p eastern time.

What else is available? Negril and Tuscany (possibly). Hop on the waitlist. It’s very short. Ghana is all wrapped up. We leave early February but their new online procedure to secure a Visa has been a headache. Nonetheless we are excited to be returning and I’m excited that my vision for the Ghana tees has come alive. It will be a collector’s item for sure.

In closing, The Egyptian Odyssey gives you more bang for your buck so snag one of the remaining spots. Inbox me at rivoli98@yahoo.com or call 510-499-5909

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