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It’s been a great recent travel experience from September to November: South Africa, Kenya Safari, Egypt, Nile cruise and the Piece de Resistance; the All Inclusive resort on the Red Sea; Egypt’s Red Sea Riviera. We decided to switch from Sharm El Sheikh to Hurghada when the Climate Control Conference (COP 27) jumped on top of our already planned and confirmed dates. With over 200 countries being represented, it wouldn’t have been a good time. At any rate, Hurghada was the bomb diggity but next year it’s Sharm; the one destination I have longed to visit. We will be at Rixos All Inclusive with her 8 swimming pools, 1 indoor, 9 a la carte restaurants, 11 bars and for the young at heart an Aquaventure Park. So if you’ve signed up for next years Egyptian Odyssey, add on the 4 night extension. It’s a mere 1 hr flight from Cairo but in another world. The flight is included as well as your last night in Cairo in preparation for your flight home.

I’m happy to see so many Kat Trackers experiencing Business Class lately. You cannot beat those lay flat seats. Yes, a bed not a seat is the way to go. Emirates Business Class is super nice but Qatar has since been voted #1 in the world. They even have sliding doors on the QSuite lay flat seats. Singapore is #2; the food, spaciousness of your seat area, and their flight attendants are so attentive. Carol, Myron and I can vouch for that on the Australia trip. Emirates is #4 behind ANA. I was disappointed in Emirates space on the A380, and the 777 it was tight, the food presentation was on hit but choices and taste left a lot to be desired. The lounge on board is slick but being a non drinker I couldn’t care less.
If there is any way you can treat yourselves at anytime, Business Class is the ticket. Post pandemic flights are soaring, up by 43%. In February SFO to Dubai on Emirates was less than 4K round trip but now it’s 8K

Remember to treat yourself, don’t cheat yourself. You only live once and you sure cant take it with you. The down side is, once you get a taste of it, it’s hard to go back to economy. Like in Ma & Pa Kettle: “How ya gonna keep them down on the farm after they’ve seen Par-ree?”

My suggestion though for flights to Cairo next year , be it economy or Business; for convenience and ease, fly EgyptAir nonstop from JFK. Go the day before, spend the night in NY and start fresh the next day. Those will be the group flights. Their arrival and departure times cannot be beat.

3 thoughts on “Kat’s Kibbles & Bits

  1. Your royal Katness! Enjoyed the heck out of.my Egypt experience.  Glad I went.The villa in Aswan was my favorite ‘sweet’,although I missed our end of day chats and naps and 3am munching! Hope your Thanksgiving dinner with family was a good time.Roommate 

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  2. Wow Kat… I told you I am thinking about going to Egypt again, now you got me seriously thinking about it since you all will be flying EgyptAir (EA).
    I flew it on my recent return trip from Egypt… first time… it was GLORIOUS!!! I sat next to a mayor from Detroit. She and others were returning from the climate control conference. She advised me that she has flown (EA) several times and loves it!
    The business seats were comfy & spacious. The food was delicious… seasoned to perfection, and delivered piping hot. The flight attendants were pleasant and attentive, and (believe it or not) I didn’t miss the alcohol at all. Instead, I enjoyed two movies, and slept like a baby!!! All for much less than I pay for Emirates, United, Lufthansa and the many others I’ve flown.
    Yes, you just might see me again this year.
    Is there space? I’m going to give you a call.

    • Thanks Jan! I too have enjoyed my Business Class on EgyptAir. So there is a distinct difference in their economy and Business Class. Hope to see you on the next Egyptian Odyssey in November. We had a blast on the Red Sea didn’t we?

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