Paradise On The Red Sea

This morning as I watch the pool attendant do his daily maintenance on my private pool, I reflect on the serene events of yesterday. It began with 2 hrs of spa treatments at the Midvida Spa, followed by lunch at Maya Seafood Restaurant at the edge of the sea.Talk about service- the designated beverage young lady, Sara remembered each drink we ordered the day before. Well my tonic water was easy but Jan & Wilemma had instructions.Amazing! Jan informed me there was a cancellation on the yellow glass bottom snorkeling boat. So a quick run to the room to change, advise AJ and we were on our way for another amazing adventure. This was a private excursion. Yes, I love me some private. Jan & AJ were down for the snorkeling but my choice was to enjoy the ride and view the underwater life through the glass; colorful fish and scuba divers from nearby boats.
Our qualified Captain, Adam a transplant from Cairo hit his playlist of Alexander Oneil, Joe, Me’Lissa Morgan and it was on for me. We asked Adam, “What do you know about this music”? He said once he heard Joe he was hooked and just started searching. He also informed us he does not like Cairo because not enough of his “color and people act differently than what he likes, however he loves the quiet suburb of Heliopolis ( where my colleague Tarik’s office is located) . I can vouch, it is nice.
Once Jan & AJ emerged from the deep, all I could hear was “awesome, amazing, the sights were unbelievable, the best snorkeling ever”.
I was on straight cruise control, enjoying the music as I reflected on the past 15 days with an amazing group with positive energy. Everybody was a star but the brightest star of all was the coolest cat, cooler than the other side of a pillow; Mr Elvin Crum. He is a stranger to no one. I gotta talk to his agent, Mrs Crum about putting him on the Kattrax Tours payroll.
It’s been a wonderful tour, now on to the next episode.

One thought on “Paradise On The Red Sea

  1. You are so right that’s paradise. I love the boat. Yes, I remember Elvin on the Dubai trip😂😂. Enjoy for me as well. I’m heading back to New York on Friday. Back to the reality of life.

    Sent from iPhone “Contentment is a rare bird, but it sings sweetly in the breast”(MLK)


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