Egypt or The Caribbean

The group departed last night on various flights to their respective home towns. Jan, Wilemma, Wanda, Alton and myself flew 1 hr from Cairo to Hurghada. Hurghada is located on the coast of the Red Sea and one of Egypt’s most popular tourist destinations. She has beautiful beaches and perfect crystal clear waters. Normally the water is an intense blue-green; occasionally it is populated by algae and upon dying off turns the sea a reddish brown color.
We were greeted and driven 30 minutes to our resort, STEIGENBERGER RAS SOMA. This resort which is right on the sea is huge. We are on the All Inclusive plan which means we have access to all 5 restaurants and 4 bars with one remaining open 24 hours. I have never seen a buffet restaurant of this size. It appeared to be almost the size of a football field. Seriously!

Before 10a we were in our rooms. I was in an executive suite with a private pool. I may not get in it but I sure like looking at it. The resort has plenty of pools to go around; 3 and cabanas galore. Meanwhile down at the beach quite a lot was going on; speed boat rides, glass bottom boats, kiteboarding and just laying on the beach soaking up that vitamin D.

It was beginning to look and feel a lot like the Caribbean.They have nightly live entertainment but after a wonderful dinner at the seafood restaurant, Maya; I passed on the show and retired to my room to get in a little rest. Tomorrow will be a full day for me; 2 spa treatments, a city tour and later dinner at the Asian restaurant; Benisuma. Reservations are required at the a la carte restaurants but even though Maya and Benisuma were completely booked, the Food and Beverage manager did an override and we were accommodated.
This was a perfect way to unwind, relax and rejuvenate.

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