Aswan Is…Still Beautiful

Today was the end of our 4 night cruise. Yesterday the group visited the Nubian Museum and the Nubian Village where they had an introduction into the culture of the Nubian people. Did you know, they have their own language and the majority do not speak Arabic. Saying As salaam alaikum to one is like speaking Chinese. Crocodiles are important to their culture. They are a totem of blessings. In past times, believed to ward of evil. A mummified croc hung over the door is an indication the owner has domesticated ones that tourists can view.

Some of the group jet-setted 45 mins to Abu Simbel early morning and upon their return we all disembarked, boarded a motorboat to Elephantine Island to the MOVENPICK ASWAN RESORT where she overlooks the Nile. Since 2011 this 5 star resort has been the spot for me. I was excited to see the iconic building in the distance. She was built 46 years ago but still maintains high standards. I’ve had the superior Nile view room and the 2 story duplex but since last year I knew I would snag one of the coveted villas even if I had to pay the cost to be the boss. Upon arrival it was clear that as it was in Cairo and Luxor, tons of tourists were also here in my beloved Aswan. I’ve never seen Egypt with so many tourists. Be that as it may, I am home and will definitely enjoy my short stay.

3 thoughts on “Aswan Is…Still Beautiful

      • I would loved to have joined you especially the latter part of the trip heading to resort on Red Sea!!! Enjoy my Kat girl and tell all my peeps to keep Living the life they love!

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