Up, Up and Away Then Down To Party

Ever since 2012, the Hot Air Balloon ride over the Valley of the Kings and Queens has been a major highlight of our time in Egypt. Some whined about getting up at 4am for the 5am ride but after all was said and done; they all said it was well worth it and definitely a highlight for them.

The Galabeya party…again what can I say? Other than a mighty good time was had by all and that was the chatter this morning at breakfast. What was funny was that at the beginning of the party those other folks were out there in the dance floor hopping around with very little rhythm. I told the DJ, “you’ve got to play something we like” and after that our group shut it down like they owned not just the dance floor but the boat.

Today was a visit to the Nubian Museum and as I write this from the Sun deck they are visiting the Nubian Village. Tonight we are winding down, tomorrow after the day trippers fly to Abu Simbel to see the gigantic monument of King Ramses II and his beloved black wife Queen Nefertari who he always wanted by his side; we motorboat to Elephantine Island to our 5 Star Aswan Movenpick Hotel. It is there I feel so at home. Actually I’m already home because our boat is docked in Aswan where it will remain until we disembark.

Balloon photography courtesy of Reginald Jones of Griffin, Ga

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