It’s Beginning To Feel A Lot Like…Home

After spending 3 days in Cairo, we flew to Luxor. 2 days in Luxor at the SONESTA ST. GEORGE meant we would soon board the ROYAL LOTUS and be on our way to my beloved ASWAN, home of the NUBIANS. My last day at the Sonesta while the group was doing their thing I had a very relaxing and enjoyable Italian lunch overlooking the Nile. My non alcoholic beverage of mango juice, lemon juice and soda was so refreshing.
As I sat soaking up the fantastic view, my mind reflected back to 2005 when I had my past lives read and was told I was of Egyptian royalty from the 17th century, possibly a Nubian Queen. It was to take another 6 years before I set foot on Egyptian soil. Whenever I arrive on the Royal Lotus cruise I’m presented with a bouquet of flowers, 1 of 2 suites, more flowers, fruit platters, my own personal WiFi router and we won’t talk about the “at your service” treatment I receive in the dining room. Its truly Queen status and anyone in the Kattrax Group; cruise rules do not apply. Its do whatcha like, do whatcha want.

A highlight for me is the carriage ride. We were clip clipping through the Luxor streets at sunset 13 carriages deep soaking up the local color, as those that look like us scurry about handling their business, hearing the Call for Prayer, and waving back at the pretty brown-skinned children laughing and playing in the streets.

At 5am tomorrow 10 adventure seekers in the group will go up, up and away in a beautiful hot air balloon. I will be sure to share those photos.

One thought on “It’s Beginning To Feel A Lot Like…Home

  1. You sharing this is just priceless I really enjoy it and appreciate it so much. I can’t wait to start traveling again bless you Katt

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