It’s Your Thing

After breakfast, the group was off to the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities which houses the world’s largest collection of artifacts including some belonging to King Tut. Then on to Old Cairo to visit the site where Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus took refuge. After lunch at Soirée a visit to the Mohamed Ali Mosque. Meanwhile as I continue to prepare the paperwork for Kenya 2024 and important documents for Ghana; one would find me at work, sitting on my balcony overlooking the Nile.

Here at the Intercontinental, The Birdcage has become a favorite meeting place for some group members. This Thai restaurant never disappoints in cuisine or service. While some were meeting up for drinks and appetizers, I was en route to the Sea Gull restaurant along the Nile; a very popular seafood restaurant. There to discuss next year’s Egyptian Odyssey. Was I in for a culinary delight. Once seated at a window overlooking the Nile, we then walked over to select the fresh seafood of our choice. We shared a whole fried fish, cut in pieces and 10 large prawns butterflied and drizzled with butter. The Egyptian bread, Baladi accompanied with tahini, baba ganoush and Toum (the traditional garlic sauce) was delightful. After which we had the shrimp soup and then our seafood platters arrived with the amber colored Egyptian seafood rice made with onion, garlic and cumin. It’s unheard of for Egyptians to eat seafood with white or Basmati rice.

Once back at the hotel I learned some had gotten tickets for the Cairo Jazz Fest tonight and were treated to sounds of the Brazilian group, Olodum. I’m sure some of you that traveled with me to Brazil over the years remember them on the streets of Salvador di Bahia. Thank you Luna, Gaby and Dalicia for the photos.

Tomorrow we say goodbye to Cairo and fly 1 hr to Luxor where they will get a different perspective of Egyptian life; past and present.

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