Meet The Red Sea

I’ve been going to Egypt continuously since 2010, was even there during the Spring Uprising 2011, lived in Giza near the Pyramids off and on for 6 months, could even see a tiny portion of the Nile River from my bedroom balcony. I’ve made a lot of good connections and friends over the years; especially in my beloved Aswan near the Sudan where the people are the blackest, always looking good decked out in their white garments and referring to me as “cousin”. I absolutely love all of that. The thought of not bringing tourists next year makes me sad as well as the thought of missing out on the best treatment anyone could receive. Tired?? Yes I am but so many of you who have missed out have been literally begging me to return. Next month will be my first trip to the resorts on the Red Sea; Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada. When I saw my sweet suite with private swimming pool at the All Inclusive resort; I practically melted. Most that know me know that I’m not only a foodie but a hotel snob as well. There is no shame in my game when it comes to a fine top of the line hotel. Next year will have the same Egypt program as always but with a 4 night extension on the Red Sea instead of 3. Let’s see how it goes for 2023, who really means business. Next month there will be 26 in the group with 5 of us going to Hurghada afterwards. I can’t wait.

6 thoughts on “Meet The Red Sea

  1. Good morning,

    I was just reading about blessings and read about abounding grace. It’s a wonderful thing you’re doing sharing your love of travel and extending the opportunity for others to experience the gift of this beautiful world.

    I’m tired of working on home projects so my joy is looking forward to one more trip. Let me know if Egypt 2023 works out and if I as my single self can get on the list.


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      • Yes I would. In my younger years I thought about being an archeologist, that didn’t happen however I did study tribal dance and culture. I can watch any Discovery channel on the digs in Egypt. Looks like they found another site close to Aswan.

        Let me know.

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  2. I wish I had the willpower to be taken off of your mailing list.  In addition to these two Im committing to, Maldives, and Im done or should I say, done in?

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