Goodbye Water Lovers Resort, Diani Beach

It’s been a wonderful end to my 3 weeks in the Motherland; from South Africa to the Masai Mara to 3 nights on the Indian Ocean at Water Lovers Beach Resort. Everything was top notch every step of the way. I will miss those fleece covered hot water bottles to warm up the bed at Sand River. So much so that I can’t wait to share with my family. All meals included will definitely be missed from this week in Kenya. The artwork in each Water Lover’s cottage was amazing. Kellea & I were in Elephant and everything centered around elephants. The others were in cottages with names like turtle, hippo, rhino, lion, giraffe and their artwork was just as amazing.

There have been so many requests to return to Kenya; I shall return and the list is growing. Of course there will be a cap on the numbers because more intimate is better. The plan that is being worked on will be Nairobi, Masai Mara & Zanzibar. Thanks for joining me on this journey. We fly out tonight from Nairobi.

12 thoughts on “Goodbye Water Lovers Resort, Diani Beach

  1. Yasssssss! Definitely love the water visit Brings life!
    So glad your tour has been all you planned and more !
    Safe travels back home . . . Sus!
    Keep traveling and seeing

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