It’s Been An Epic Week

Everyone has finally made it to their respective homes safely. Yours truly is still here to celebrate my birthday. Before my daughter left she presented me with my 2nd Judith Leiber bag.I love it! Mr Bilani former owner of 3 B’s Jewelry store called from Miami to say Happy Birthday, sorry they couldnt be here but is sending a piece from someone here holding his stash. I love the love.

Negril and surrounding areas has so many things to participate in and enjoy. There are massages on the beach, The Blue Hole Mineral Spring, The Limestone Massages on the river, The Jamaican Giants Sculpture Park and Art Gallery and a host of excellent restaurants around town. Last night I had the best Vulcan Roll across the road at Matthews. Tonight dinner will be at my favorite, The Rockhouse. In the meantime enjoy the parting pictures.

September 18-October 6 our groups will be back to back South Africa and a Kenya Safari on the Masai Mara.

3 thoughts on “It’s Been An Epic Week

  1. Hi Kat, Im ready for Jamaica 23. Please send me the information. Hopefully my family will join me. If not, I’m ready!!!!

    Thank you,

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