Still Enjoying Iceland

They are still talking about the Blue Lagoon. A couple did not want to get out of the water they were enjoying the experience so much. If you ever want to come this way, ask me and I’ll give you a ”road map” that will make it as easy as ABC 123.

Today was a lovely day weather wise. There are only 11 days in the year that Reykjavik has completely blue skies and today was one of them as several of us took various sightseeing tours.

Tomorrow, the group will head to the USA to their respective cities and homes. Hopefully, you my friends have enjoyed the journey.

6 thoughts on “Still Enjoying Iceland

  1. Awww Kat, I think by the looks of the pictures you hit a Grand Slam with this trip! I’m never jealous of others but certainly wish I had followed my first mind and booked this trip!

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