Highlights From The Blue Lagoon

An hour drive from Reykjavik city center you will find heaven on earth. Our group had the Premium package which entitled them to have VIP entrance, robes, access to showers, facial algae masks, changing rooms, towels, a welcome drink in the lagoon followed by a wonderful lunch in the Lava Restaurant with sparkling wine and dessert. The 102 degree geo thermal waters was exactly what the doctor ordered for those with aches and pains and those without.

We were joined by Simon and family who we had not seen since my birthday party in Mykonos 2018. Charlotte as precious as ever and twins Jack & Simon all grown up quizzing me on countries I may have visited; ”Kat, what about any of the stans, Pakistan, Afghanistan” Me: Oh no baby, none of those.

All in all it was a purr-fect Kat day😻

4 thoughts on “Highlights From The Blue Lagoon

  1. Kat Our guide said 7:30 for luggage and. 8 am departure on Thursday. Help clarify please Toni

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