North Sea Jazz Highlights

Twenty years ago, granddaughter Casey was 7 and here we were at this jazz festival only in The Hague. She would ”excuse us” until she got us right in front. Those days are over for Kat. i leave it all for the young folks. Photos and videos are courtesy of Katrina & Phil. They along with the others are having a grand time.

The airline lost Gregory Porter’s luggage but the showman showed up and showed out. George Benson, Diana Ross, Erykah Badu did their thing as did Nile Rodgers; co-founder of CHIC. He has composed, and sold over 500 million songs and for some you’d never guess. Amsterdam’s own Female sax player, Candy Dulfer performed with Rodgers on stage. She’s in her 50’s now but still blowing strong.

Tonight, Alicia Keyes will close it out. You already know her performance is going to be so so dope.

First thing in the morning we will roll out of here back to Amsterdam for our Icelandair flight to Reykjavik, Iceland where we will spend 3 nights and the highlight will be The Blue Lagoon and her 102 degree geo thermal waters.

5 thoughts on “North Sea Jazz Highlights

  1. Yass! Marvelous! I got chills just reading
    NorthSea is life changing . . .
    Good travel mercies to Iceland
    Hope the aurora borealis is full on phenomenal
    Healing waters change you too enjoy !

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