North Sea Jazz Fest 2022

We arrived in Rotterdam safely yesterday. Again it was a Kattrax reunion. The last time we were here was 2015 and quite a bit has changed but some things have remained the same We are still at the place to be, across from Central Station, now the Marriott; once the Manhattan, once The W.

Last night was opening night with John Legend and he did not disappoint a sold out crowd with standing room only for those that were too late to purchase seats. Of course, Kattrax had decent seats. Tonight, the group will be in the house to see and hear George Benson, Gregory Porter and many more.

Yours truly is working on a new project. I know, I say this is it but I cant stop no matter how hard I try. So 2024, as I have mentioned we will have The Maldives in September but now a growing list for Vietnam again for the 4th time. So many are anxious to return, especially to Da Nang. There is a possibility we may offer a luxury 2024 Summer Olympics package in Paris. Now how dope will that be?

We’ve got 3 more days here then on to Iceland and the Blue Lagoon.

9 thoughts on “North Sea Jazz Fest 2022

  1. Good morning thanks for the post. You all be safe. Paris 2024 here I come. God give us the health & strength to continue to travel. Amen Much love 💕

    Sent from iPhone “Contentment is a rare bird, but it sings sweetly in the breast”(MLK)


  2. OMG! Wish I had known about this in advance. I saw John Legend for Mother’s Day-my daughter flew me to Las Vegas at his residency! Like you said, he did not disappoint. I love him! Good line-up! Thanks for your awesome pics!

  3. So glad for you all! I get chills thinking of that tour in 2015!
    That hotel is fire! Close to everything
    Convenient ! food fantastic ! lobby ambiance In The evening ! Gonna go get my photo albums LOL
    You will enjoy Gregory Porter if butter had a sound it would be him! Biscuit sopping LOL

    The train ride to the Ahoy is nice!
    Trusting you will
    Have a fabulous time . . . For sure you are!

    Lovin the paris Olympics idea
    Track and field my events of choice
    Will see!
    Yass Hunty
    Can’t wait for your next post ! Katt

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