One More For The Road and We’re Out

Winding down has been different but enjoyable fir all. The tee totalers opted out of the Yarra Valley Wine Tour. It was all they hoped it would be; wine, food, good conversation and fabulous scenery. This was the day for our coming home covid test and I for one was stressing. I wanted it over with and negative. This would be my 5th coming home stressful test day post pandemic We stress to be able to go and stress to be able to return home. Now thank God as of tomorrow the return home test is a thing of the past.

After the test a few of us walked over to HO CHI MAMA, a very lively Vietnamese Fusion Restaurant. Their selections had a little heat but it was all so very good.

Our farewell dinner was at Pure South Kitchen in Southbank; another very happening part of Melbourne. It was a good time but a little sad as we said our farewells. What is hip? Melbourne!

One thought on “One More For The Road and We’re Out

  1. Uasssss on the wine tour Australia has some nice whites !
    Love it
    Continuing to live vicariously!
    Happy travels home
    Glad for the testing change Whew! PTL

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