3 States, All So Very Different

The time has come to say goodbye to #2. Australia has several states and territories. Sydney in New South Wales; Cairns & Port Douglas in Queensland and Melbourne in Victoria. Australia is the world’s largest island but the smallest continent. It has 6 states and 2 territories. After Marilyn and Barbara extended to Melbourne last trip and so raved about it; I knew I had to get there. So this morning I bid farewell to my lovely 2 bedroom apartment at Sea Temple and fly to trendy Melbourne where the Park Hyatt awaits us. We already know its chilly and probably deserted; they are all here enjoying this fantastic warm weather. Australia… a beautiful country… 88% of their population vaccinated, less than 9,000 deaths.

Congrats to Van Washington, Carol Motte, Phil and Katrina for having now touched all 7 continents and mostly with Kattrax.

2 thoughts on “3 States, All So Very Different

  1. Congratulations! To those seasoned classy travelers and to you for curating Katt!

    Living vicariously!

    Onward to the next fabulous place in Aussie land ! ☮️

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