Nights Over Egypt

One of the best trips you will ever experience is the Kattrax Egyptian Odyssey. Egypt lies North East in the African continent, its history goes back to Biblical times; with Pharaohs fighting for land in the fertile Nile River! There are many, year old monuments here, including the Pyramids of Giza and the Great Sphinx.

All 3 hotels are 5 star with each room enjoying spectacular views of the Nile. Our 4 night cruise is also 5 star with all cabins with Nile views. Full board on the cruise, all meals prepared by Swiss trained chefs. We begin in Cairo, fly to Luxor, cruise to Aswan (home of the Nubians) where you will experience a connection unlike no other for 3 nights, 4 days before flying back to Cairo for our last night before flying home. Some will opt to continue on to Sharm El Sheikh situated on the Red Sea at an all-inclusive resort for 3 nights.

Economically, this tour gives you more bang for your buck. Hop on while there is still space available. Interested? Inbox me at or call 510-499-5909

2 thoughts on “Nights Over Egypt

  1. Hey Kat

    When is this? I think the dates don’t work if I remember correctly but oh I want to go! Can you send me the info please

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    • Girl you know you said you could not make it work but I wish you could. Love having y’all with me. Nov 2-15, 2022. I will offer you $300pp discount. Kat

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