The Journey Continues

We’ve come from a few small 3star hotels around the city to where we are now in the chic 16th arrondisement. It’s hard to believe we have been at this lovely 4 star boutique hotel for 15 years. The staff and management appreciates the Kattrax groups and they show it in every way.

Its official! The Kattrax team of Kat & Robin Bates will return next year for 2 consecutive weeks; April 20-27th and April 27-May 4th.

As we have grown over the years so have some of our young French brothers, now owning their own transportation companies and working very closely with us. They are smart, courteous, knowledgeable, bilingual, professional and handsome.

In addition to our exclusive, tailored Stroll Through Black Paris we will take it up a level with a day trip to the Champagne Region to tour, taste and enjoy lunch on a Sunday afternoon. Week 1 may have a couple spaces available. Week 2 has more space at the moment.

We look forward to hosting 2023! Teamwork makes the dream work. We have been a team since 2000 and we give thanks to the most High One for the divine connection.

On another note, in 2023 we will be doing it in Dubai Oct 14-23rd. Its about sold out so if there is a serious interest, don’t delay; inbox me..

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