Paris By Night

This is our night to visit our favorite Senegalese restaurant where the food is always on point and the vibes will make you feel like you’re in Africa. John & Justine Smith were celebrating 50 years of black love and we were delighted they chose to spend it on our Black Paris Tour.

We surprised them with sweets, sparklers and champagne and after dinner 4 stretch limos awaited to whisk us away, to roll through the streets of Paris admiring the monuments bathed in light; thus the nickname ”City of Light”.

i know I said this is it but what gets me is the love I receive while I’m here from corporate down to the housekeeping staff willing to jump through hoops to keep me satisfied. April 20-27, 2023 we will be back and word of mouth has us just about maxed out. Its been a wonderful week with a wonderful group.

3 thoughts on “Paris By Night

  1. John and I had a fantastic time in Paris. Thank you Kat for making us feel special with the champagne and dessert for our 50th anniversary, we were truly surprised.
    We met some wonderful people and pray everyone made it home safe. So until the next trip.
    Au revoir💗

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