Dinner Near the Seine River

Today was the excursion to the Musee du Louvre. Our private bus dropped the group off steps away from the glass pyramid. Paris has tons of museums but whats a trip to Paris without a visit to the iconic Louvre. Afterwards, all were free to do their thing, whatever it may have been

Dinner tonight was at a delightful restaurant a stone’s throw from the river which happened to be a short 10 min walk from our hotel. There were oohs, ahhs and 2 thumbs up on service, taste and presentation. It is definitely a keeper. Upon leaving, all were treated to Lady Eiffel blinging on the hour. She is truly a sight to behold.

There are several on this tour that are repeaters Cassandra Caldwell is one who has been with us for 13 years. We love the fact that we have devoted travelers.

2 thoughts on “Dinner Near the Seine River

  1. The food looks delicious. Keep the posts coming Kat I love it. It makes my day I will be traveling soon with the posts I am hopeful 🙏🏾💙

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