Rewind to 1964, picture Kathy Byrd sitting in class at Havenscourt Jr High daydreaming about traveling to far away exotic places. Well I dared to dream and now having traveled to over 64 countries, all 7 continents and sailed the high seas on 89 cruises; all thanks and praises to God I have the most wonderful memories to reflect upon. Its difficult to imagine folks like Lucille Johnson, Marilyn Gainey, and Juanita McVey have individually traveled with me on close to 30 international trips. Notice in my dreams, domestic never entered my mind. Sorry Amerika.. Then there are those like Phillip and Katrina Peoples who have only been with me less than 5 years, never traveled internationally and have now hit 6 continents with Kat with Australia, their 7th on deck

Australia… we’ve been waiting for her to open her borders Professor Michael Stacks with his crew of Cynthia & Marcia patiently awaiting their 2nd visit to the Land Down Under with me along with several others. It looks like now it will be June 2022 and ours is fully booked. It does my heart good to hear from past travelers with comments on how I made their trip special. Delta Soror Diva McPherson of Gainesville, sent a funny the other day. It seems like only yesterday she started traveling with me to South Africa, Colombia, Egypt, Vietnam, Antarctica and Australia She wrote: Good morning 636, you don’t remember this incident because you are always performing acts if kindness. We were having breakfast the first morning at the Intercontinental in Sydney. I was bitchin about the limp, see-thru bacon and you as usual, were yammering on about the only way to eat bacon was soft. The next morning, I shuffled thru the breakfast line with my face twisted ready to fuss about the bacon…BOOM ! There it was… crisp bacon with a little sign to identify it for non-American and non-colored people. I “borrowed” the sign and keep it displayed with my special stuff. Every once in awhile when I cook myself up some crisp bacon, I remember your kindness AND your outrageous behavior. Can’t wait til I explore the world with you again. I want to take my granddaughter so she will know that I am not the only #extra person in the world who thinks my shit is normal. Stay safe and well! 636 (the sane one).

Egypt these past 2 weeks was phenomenal. In another month a group of us will be off to The Maldive Islands in the Indian Ocean enjoying our over the water bungalows…Straight relaxation. You would be amazed at the safety protocols these other countries have in place. I dared to dream all those years ago Get out the box, dare to travel.

3 thoughts on “KAT’S KIBBLES AND BITS

  1. Hi Kat,
    Hope you are going well.
    I really enjoy your posts.
    Do you have a waitlist for Australia? If not are you planning on another trip in 2023 or 2024?
    Australia is my last continent and I would love to go one day.
    Continue to take care.

    Sent from my iPhone

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