Simply The Best

Well my friends, its about over. The last couple days have been utterly amazing. It looks like my Egyptian family has so totally captivated me that I will return. My connection with those here that have been taking care of me and my groups for years runs deeper than deep. The pain I feel when I see the look on their faces when tell them I won’t be back; is a feeling I cannot describe So the jury has returned and I will be back Nov 2022. Sometimes I’m asked where haven’t I been that I would like to go. Well its Sharm El Sheikh, a resort town on the Red Sea. There will be a 3 night extension to the normal tour we do.

2 days ago the group had dinner at OunatyKa, a Nubian restaurant located at the west bank of the Nile, to the right of the Aswan reservoir . Its a Nubian house on a high hill, 10 meters from the Nile. They dined al fresco enjoying the Nubian weather. The food…they are still talking about the seasoned rice, the chicken and how they enjoyed sopping Yes, soppin’.

Yesterday, Dr Ahmed came to our hotel and performed our PCR tests. The digital results are in and we will have our hard copies in the morning. Thank God we are all negative. I cant emphasize enough the importance these people place on stopping the spread. 1000 times better than some of our southern states.

We had a smooth check in for our short flight from Aswan to Cairo. Team member Mohamed met us and escorted us through the domestic terminal to our waiting motorcoach. Our 5 star Le Meridien Hotel is connected to Terminal 3 so we were in like Flynn in a matter of minutes. Even though its an airport hotel I could easily relax here a few days. Its absolutely gorgeous. Egyptians are serious about their weddings and one was going on and yes on a Monday night

Goodbye Mama Egypt, Until we meet again…Insh ’Allah

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I love the photos

    Sent from iPhone “Contentment is a rare bird, but it sings sweetly in the breast”(MLK)


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