Ahh-mazing Aswan

Here we are in beautiful Aswan. I cannot tell you the feeling I get whenever I’m in a town surrounded by people that look like me; from little children to the elderly. They are all my family. It’s been 11 wonderful days with 2 more to go.

Today began with part of the group jet-setting to Abu Simbel to see the unbelievable statues of Ramses II and his chief Queen, Nefertari, of Nubian origin. Its a 30 minute flight from Aswan with an unforgettable tour. They were back in time for the Felucca boat ride around Elephantine Island. It was perfect; the sun was going down with a slight breeze as we sailed the calm Nile river. Our guide, Romani, made it fun by giving a pop quiz on facts they’ve learned on the tour.

I must say that I’m quite impressed with the Covid-19 safety protocols Egypt’s tourism has in place. Just as I discovered a couple months ago in Jamaica; these folks aren’t playing snd take it very seriously. The “demic” put on the brakes for most of us, putting gatherings and celebrations on indefinite hold. I’m glad the 18 in this group, got double and some triple vaccinated and forged ahead to enjoy this incredible travel experience. To top off this day, a few of us celebrated my road dawg of 25 yrs, my fellow foodie, Robbie Bell’s belated birthday for dinner in the Panorama Restaurant where the 360 degree view is killer.

The time has come to soon say goodbye to all our family old and newly made friends As we leave, we’ll take with us precious memories of Egypt that we’ll forever hold near and dear.

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