Up, up and away over the great Valley of the Kings and Queens where generations of Pharaohs, kings and queens are buried. The eager adventure seekers in the group had a 4:10am departure from the hotel for their hot air balloon ride. As the sun rose I gazed at the Nile river as I showered and then was pleasantly surprised to see the balloons returning to land. The group had a fabulous time and they havent stopped talking about the experience.

After breakfast we had time to chill until our bus arrived to take us to the Royal Lily for our 4 night Nile cruise. Was I surprised as I boarded. There was Farouk, who presented me with a bouquet of flowers, a hug and a “Welcome Home”. This was my 4th time having him as a Captain. It was great to see Arafat, Thommy and Muhamad Ali in the dining room again and they have all made the entire group feel very special. They really aim to please. Farouk made certain I had a router in my suite so I would not have any connectivity issues. Oh, I’m loving the love.

We are docked until tomorrow afternoon when we begin sailing up the Nile towards Aswan, home of the Nubians.


  1. The food looks good. I’m glad you all are having a nice time.

    Sent from iPhone “Contentment is a rare bird, but it sings sweetly in the breast”(MLK)


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