Traveling Towards Upper Egypt

We had an early morning flight from Cairo to Luxor. “Airport Mohamed” escorted us from our hotel to the airport to prepare for our 1 hour flight. He always handles things so seamlessly getting our group through security protocols and check in. We met up with our Egyptologist, Mr Romani later in the airport. He will be with us for the next 10 days .

It was good to be back in Luxor and the hotel has shown me lots of love. Robbie had to stop by and check out the suite. It is very sweet. While I rested, the group enjoyed the afternoon on the East Bank; walking among the pillars of the temple dedicated to the god Am un Ra and along the Avenue of the Sphinxes at Karnak and Luxor temples. Being in Luxor seeing and interacting with my brothers and sisters that look like me make me feel quite at home as we get closer to the Nubians, my cousins of Upper Egypt

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