Life Goes On…

There are 19 of us in this group, over half repeaters from past international jaunts. We flew Egyptair nonstop to Cairo while Jana, Marcus & Barbara flew in from Morocco.

Each country has its own set of COVID restrictions and requirements They change like the weather sometimes month to month. Its imperative that individuals check for their destination country Egypt was no joke about the negative PCR test result with the QR code. They checked it upon check in, checked again before boarding and yet again after landing. Tests received at a pharmacy that gave no QR code are not accepted by Egypt. I know some in my group may have been sick of my reminders but there is no room for errors.

My road dawg Robbie Bell from Miami signed on a couple of weeks ago. What a surprise! She always brings joy and laughter wherever she goes. We hadn’t kicked it since my birthday party in Mykonos and on the Amalfi Coast a couple years ago. She starts off with want to meet me in the Centurion Lounge? I replied, ”I’d love to but I’m already in Wingtips Lounge with Margaret & Wilemma.

It was a smooth flight and upon landing we were met by Mohammed. I hadn’t seen him in a couple of years. This cat defies country customs and gives me a peck left cheek, right check. He gave each of us our visa and sent us to Immigration. When I say he runs things at that airport, he’s the man.

Our longtime guide of 10 years, Mo passed away in July. May he rest in peace. So we have a replacement, Mr Romani, also an Egyptologist, he is knowledgeable and friendly. In the words of Tina Turner, ”I think its gonna work out fine.

We had our armed security on our bus plus a police escort, I love the way they take care of us Still 5 Star; we checked into the Intercontinental Semiramis where everybody gets a Nile River view. That’s the only way to go. Matter of fact they will have a river view in Luxor and Aswan and as they sail 4 days they will have nothing but oceanview.

Day 2 first stop ”The Pyramids”, definitely a sight to behold. Some rode a camel and took photos and others just enjoyed being outdoors. A definite highlight was lunch in the newly opened ”9 Pyramids Lounge” with a panoramic view of the pyramids. After view The Sphinx, the group continued on to Saquarra and Memphis while I took an Uber back to the hotel

One thought on “Life Goes On…

  1. Wow! I’m sorry to hear about Mo passing.He could have been my little husband, I know I would have keep him in check with the D O. All jokes aside I’m very sorry to hear that news.Enjoy and always be safe.❤️

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