My dear travelers, I have decided to make a strategic change and pivot towards a new direction after 38 years of escorting tours. Everything must change, nothing stays the same. But what will stay the same will be Kattrax serving up the BEST of the BEST in hotel accommodations and tours WORLDWIDE without escorting groups but customizing tours for the discriminating travelers. After all I’ve got the “competitive advantage” unlike travel agents in the industry for what travel can do for them and not what they can do for you, those that sit in an office or at home booking people but have never set foot in foreign soil or perhaps they’ve gotten a glimpse of a destination due to a “familiarization trip” looking at hotels from sun up to sundown and dining with a bunch of folks they don’t even know. I’ve been to over 64 countries and islands, all 7 continents and 89 cruises. I know what’s out there.
I’ve been in the trenches, on the front line and have forged lasting relationships with hotel owners, guides, transportation companies and restaurant owners. If you need that specialized, customized tour for yourself or family and friends; do not hesitate to email me for details starting NOW at rivoli98@yahoo.com. Below you will see various special memories from past tours. I wish I had room for all the fabulous photos. On another note: A dream is about to come true – to sell out somebody’s hotel somewhere with just us. Well for July 21-28, 2022 with only 12 rooms left at the NEGRIL TREEHOUSE RESORT it will be a wrap. We’ve got a waitlist for the 1 bdrm Oceanview suites but I highly doubt if anyone will be giving up theirs. A week of activities on the beach at a very well run black owned resort is really the “Kat’s Meow”.


  1. Well, you did it! You made the change, Congratulations! I think this is good for you. You may miss the hustle and bustle so you may decide to do a group every so often….., or maybe not. What I can say is that you brought a lot of joy snd wonderment to a lot of people. I can attest to that! Everything must change and I know because of your big heart, this 3rd act in your life will be as rich as the beginning and middle. Peace and blessings

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  2. For purely selfish reasons I want to say, “Say it ain’t so, my sista,” for you know how much I have enjoyed running around the world with you! But being of similar age, I understand there comes a time for some changes. So, best wishes and blessings to you on whatever way you now choose to take your life. I too hope you might still do a group every so often so that there’s the possibility that those who never traveled “Kat style” might experience the pure joy and exhilaration of that opportunity as I have been blessed to experience so frequently (and to perhaps myself once again roll with you while still able.)
    Thanks and kudos,
    Marilyn Gainey

    • Dear Marilyn, you’ve been on more trips with me than I can remember going back to 1999. You are a woman after my own heart and I hope we can get in one more for old times sake.

  3. Hi Kat, This sounds like a wonderful endeavor! I’m very excited for you. I’ve forwarded your email to some folks hoping to generate some interest. Please keep me in the loop. All the best to you. Harriet Holloway Sent from my iPad


  4. This is incredible and amazing news. Abundant Blessings to you as you embark on another adventure.🥇🏆👑

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  5. Hey Kat Congratulations!! I think this is an excellent and very smart business move on your part!!! I’m going to be in Atlanta around the 1st or 2nd week in August. I’m also planning on visiting a friend in Savannah. If I do, I’ll call you and if you’re available I would love to take you to lunch😊

    Peace and Blessings Ms Bev 🥰

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