Up, Up and Away in a Beautiful Balloon


At 4:40 am  while the majority of the group slept peacefully, 16 brave ones left our Luxor hotel to sky up in a hot air ballon.  After a 15 min drive they were at the Queen Joy —- the boat that would take them to the balloon park.  After a brief orientation and safety talk by the pilot they were up up and away. Once up, they spent 45 mins gliding over the east and left banks, viewing the valley of the Kngs and Queens,  Temples of Karnak, Luxor and Queen Hatshepsut.

Upon their return, the only comments that could be heard from each participant ranged from:  Awesome to Fabulous any other synonym that may come to your mind.

Later that afternoon the entire group was driven to the boat dock where we boarded  the ROYAL LOTUS  for our 4 night cruise to Aswan  —— Home of the Nubians.

One thought on “Up, Up and Away in a Beautiful Balloon

  1. Morning Cuz:

    Fabulous pictures…I would have been your land photographer because there is no way in hell I would have been sailing in a hot air balloon😂


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