Egyptian Sights and Sounds

The ROYAL LOTUS would be our home for 4 nights and 5 days.  The dock where we boarded the boat is located less than 12 minutes from our hotel in Luxor.  So we were there in a flash.  We wouldn’t be setting sail until the next day at noon so we were free to come and go off the boat if we so desired. Once we set sail, it was most relaxing to be up on the pool deck enjoying the sights and sounds as we saw Egyptians going about their daily routines along the riverbank of the Nile and hearing the “Call to Prayer”.    Up on the top deck,   as I did my normal “work” thing with 2 devices and a borrowed hot spot, keeping up with the upcoming Kattrax Tours; I observed some of our folks reading, listening to music, engaged in deep topics of conversation or stretched out napping.

Darlene donned her swimsuit, had plans to lay out by the pools but inquired, “where are the umbrellas “?  She was informed, “No umbrellas on that end. Thats the tanning section”.  LOL.  6 years ago, this same time it was in the 70’s not the 90’s.  I’d  say yes it’s definitely global warming but nevertheless,  it’s been wonderful and enjoyable.    I will always avoid the hottest times of May – August.  Next year when we return in November it shouldn’t be as warm.

The boat docks by night and glides along the Nile by day stopping at various places to sightsee like Edfu, Kom Ombo and going through the Esna Locks.  There was the cultural night on board with a belly dancer, some drummers,  a male  Tanoura dancer whirling and swirling around like a spinning top. A few of our ladies were pulled up on the dance floor to participate but Georgene from the Bay Area really showed the belly dancer what she was working with and showed her a thing or two.

Tonight was our Galabeya party where everyone dresses up in Egyptian galabeyas for the evening.  The Kattrax group showed up and showed out. Everybody had that look you want to  know better. Phillip Peoples had all eyes on him looking like a Sheik from head to toe.   After dinner the dining room staff, played drums, and marched out singing happy birthday and  presented a cake to Ms Mary Jacobs of North Carolina.  They went 1 step further and one of the handsome waiters got her up to dance.  She was quite surprised and delighted.  I did my usual exit stage left, straight to my cabin  while the others retired to the Lounge Bar and got their dance on.  I could hear the Dj spinning a little bit of everything from James Brown to the Wobble. One thing about a KATTRAX tour is that  no matter what country we’re in, our groups are always quite diverse with Generation X, Baby Boomers and an occasional Millennial whose parents started them with me at the tender of age 5 or 6 and are now accustomed to the style of  yours truly, The Ambassador of Luxury Travel.  They don’t want anything less.

Well, we are almost to my favorite place….ASWAN –  home of the Nubians and where I feel most at home   Stay tuned….


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