Goodbye Cairo, Hello Luxor


Our last day in Cairo, I chilled while the group visited the Museum of Antiquities, Old Cairo where early Judaism and Christianity flourished in Egypt, the Ben Ezra Synagogue and the church where the Virgin Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus took refuge.  From my balcony, I intently watched workers setting up and preparing for this elaborate wedding; even creating a bridge over the pool for the wedding party and serenading musicians to walk across.

We had an Early morning wake up call for our early morning check out for our early morning 50 minute flight to Luxor. I was ready to hit it donned in my Islamic Abaya.  It seemed wherever I went, whoever I came in contact with, I was given the royal treatment.  It was magical. Then it dawned on me…. In the early 2000’s I had my past lives read.  I didn’t put too much into it at the time but I was told I was from Egyptian Royalty, perhaps a “Queen”.  Really?  Well, I cannot count the ones  on this trip that have referred to me as  “my Queen”; from Business people to the littlest child on the street. It’s mystical and magical and I’m loving it.

Today the security at the airport was tight again. Check after security check and our guide and his team had it all under control.  The flight to Luxor was 50 minutes and soon the group was walking among the pillars of the temple dedicated to the God of Amun Ra and along the avenue of the Sphinxes at KARNAK and Luxor Temples.

Our welcome dinner was on hit…something for everyone. I especially dug the pasta station where the chef had it going on. The next day was spent visiting the great Valley of the Kings and the Valley of the Queens where generations of Pharoahs, kings and queens were buried in splendid crypts cut into the cliffs and guarded by the huge Colossi of Memnon.

Of course the shoppers continued to do their thing with the purchases of Alabaster, and gold and silver jewelry.  While they were out and about; I had one of the best massages ever in the hotel’s Key of Life Spa.  It was called the Anti Stress Massage.  It was definitely quite what the doctor ordered — 90 mins/ $60.    Our last evening reminded some of our Paris by night in 4 stretch limos.  In the Land of the Pharoahs it’s done a little differently. Think of Tupac and “Picture Me Rollin’”.  When I tell you “we was deep”, trust and believe… WE WAS DEEP.   I could be proper and say, “ We were deep” but something gets lost in that translation. At any rate….. We rolled through the city in 18 Horse Drawn Carriages. The sun was beginning to set and the hot Luxor sun had cooled down a bit.   Yeah, picture us rollin’.

At 430am several brave souls will climb in a Hot Air Balloon and glide over the Valley of the Kings and Queens as they watch the sunrise and  hear the Muslim early morning Call to Prayer ring out through the city.  Later we board our boat for our 4 night Nile Cruise.  Of all the  88 cruises I’ve been on, some 14 and 10 nighters; nothing compares to a 4 night cruise on the Nile River where along some riverbank Moses was found hidden in a basket.



One thought on “Goodbye Cairo, Hello Luxor

  1. Morning Cuz:

    As usual I enjoy your photos and travel story of Cairo, BUT of all the wonderful photos, the one that struck me as most interesting was a photo of a piece of your luggage. What size is that hard shell case and how many pieces of luggage do you carry on your travels?

    Cuz had a little minor surgery on my right inner ear yesterday so I spent the entire day resting. Today, I plan to do a little more, but not my usual routines.

    Have a grand day QUEEN KAT, Cuz Nez


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