Egypt, Land of the Pharoahs

BREAKING NEWS!  I just received the updated safety protocols from my contact  for entering Egypt.  Unlike Europe, we as Americans are now welcome provided individuals are in possession of a NEGATIVE COVID-19 Test.  That being said; all remaining 16 travelers still on board with me will receive the protocols. You can’t imagine how this news brightens my day.  The past 5 months have been very bleak for me; banned from Europe…heartbreaking;  where I first touched down in Switzerland 1983.  My mother has always said, “One monkey don’t stop the show”.  So Egypt here we come, a year out and I, along with the prayer warriors  will continue to pray for better days  ahead for the world.

We were all flying to New York in order to fly nonstop to Cairo on EgyptAir. It was another reunion of sorts with so many reuniting with past Travelers they have met on other Kattrax Tours, as far back as the early 2000’s.  At least 6 of us would be in Business Class and Business always excites me, no matter the airline. With my Priority Pass – a great lounge pass to have  (thanks Simon) I was able to invite 4, got them situated and then I made my way over to the Business Class Lounge for EgyptAir.  With Priority Pass it matters not who you are flying unlike some airlines.  On board the aircraft, when it was time to go nite nite, I stretched out on my lay flat bed seat, wrapped up in an ultra soft blanket and managed to sleep the majority of the way. No internet so I was happy to wrap it up.

Another part of my excitement was just in returning to Egypt for the 3rd time and remembering being here during the protests in 2011.  We had excellent security then and even so now; from arrival through Immigration (my contacts had our visas ready for us upon arrival, ushered us to baggage claim, through additional security checks and a final check out the door to our waiting bus which had to wait for our 2 police car escorts —- 1 in front and 1 in the rear. Having that extra layer of security always feels good.  We had my same guide from 2011, “Mo” and it was so good seeing him again and to know he would be with us not only for 3 nights in Cairo but flying to Luxor,  then 4 nights cruising the Nile, then on to Aswan – home of the Nubian’s, a day trip to Abu Simbel then returning back to Cairo to prepare for our flight home.

All of our hotel rooms for everybody in each city have Nile views.  That’s the only way to go.  It is my goal for all that travel with me get the BEST possible experience.  I’ve been unofficially named the “Ambassador of Luxury Travel” (Thank you Casso) and I strive to live up to that name.  Our hotel in Cairo, the INTERCONTINENTAL SEMIRAMIS is landmark luxury on the banks of the Nile with Japanese, Thai, Italian restaurants, tons of shops and even a Duty Free shop for your shopping pleasure.

Our welcome dinner was a hit. The buffet had something for everyone, including sushi.  After a good night’s rest, everyone was ready for whatever the day would bring,  We boarded our private bus, I took the mic, welcomed everyone and gave thanks to God, the most high one for getting us here safely and of course I  gave my short spill on “ bus etiquette”, no seat hopping!  Riding directly behind the driver was a very handsome suited and booted armed guard. Then later we had a police car escort (two more handsome cops in white uniforms) zipping us in and out of traffic with blue lights and sirens as we made our way to the STEP PYRAMID of King Zoser, the PYRAMIDS OF GIZA, THE GREAT SPHINX, MEMPHIS (the old capital of Egypt), a carpet factory/school and a visit to a papyrus showroom. There was some fantastic shopping going on and a lot of happy campers.

More excitement for me was to see everybody in the specially designed tee shirts by yours truly. Oh they looked so good!  A few have said, “after all these years of taking folks around the world in grand style, Kat is still killin the travel game”.  0FA8B19B-4943-4764-AA73-161F985BB757

DELTAS  and AKA’s Together —- Doing the damn thing at the Pyramids! Reppin’ the Bay Area, Gainesville, Raleigh, and New Orleans.  Hey, that looks like Phillip Peoples in the background.4CAFDF02-62C8-4C92-A170-B2646B0D6247 Joey Smith and James Portlock- friends for over 50 years from back in the day in Fillmore, San Francisco

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  1. Yes, I’m in all the way. How much for business class??? Happy Sunday

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