The Time Has Come To Say Goodbye

For me, This morning’s breakfast was in the Spice Market Restaurant. Man I missed the Jetty. I love that intimate place.  Today,  everybody  was doing their own optional activities.   Some went on the Spice tour, others were planning the sunset cruise and some like Vera Brown and Sonya Fife were doing both.  In between times some went to GABI BEACH to hang out or to have lunch. I used my down time to rest and enjoy my suite.

This all inclusive resort in Zanzibar, the city beginning with a “Z” was the perfect ending to an idyllic vacation.  Each of our 3 properties have included breakfast, lunch and dinner – Awesome Sauce!    and I might add that the meals have all been on point and truly a foodie’s delight.  The MELIA sits on expansive acreage.  There is even a private beach (Gabi)  a mile away, accessible by golf carts driven by staff.  This morning I was invited to THE LEVEL for dinner so after the sunset cruise, my family ((Katrina and Phil) and myself were driven to THE LEVEL.  We dined on lobster tails, fish, lamb chops, and chicken perfectly grilled by a Chef from Nepal and entertained by a group getting down with sounds of  Kool and the Gang, Stevie and others.

The sunset cruise was as Deborah Berhel pointed out, “different but nice”. I tell you it was no repeat of my yachts and catamarans in Mykonos and Negril but this is Zanzibar.

In the morning, one last breakfast for me at the Jetty and then we roll out of here at noon for our charter flight to Dar Es Salaam where we will all have a day room at the 5 Star Serena Dar Es Salaam to relax and then have dinner until our late night flight to Amsterdam.  Earlier today I messaged the hotel to book a final spa treatment upon my arrival there.  With my grueling schedule, my body needs all that goodness for my well-being.  I will be home less than a week then it’s back in the air and off for 3 weeks in Morocco and Marseille with 2 groups.

My friends, I hope you have enjoyed reading about this awesome Kattrax adventure as much as I have enjoyed bringing it to you.  It’s been a grand experience.

Photo credits: Katrina Peoples, Sonya Fife, Paula Smith & Alton James

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