The Journey Continues

It was a 4 hour bus ride for us traveling from Accra, Ghana to Lomé, Togo but nothing compared to the sometimes 700 miles our ancestors journeyed by foot. Those that know me well, know if it’s more than 2 hours drop me off at the nearest airport but in this case, I thugged it out.  We had two more countries to cross borders of which we had to have in our possession a Visa for each.  When we reached the border between Ghana and Togo, we all had to get off the bus and physically wait in line in the heat  to present our documents to the authorities.  After crossing, our Ghana guide, Elvis said goodbye, we kept our same driver, Francis and met our new French speaking Guide, Alex.  Now in Togo, I as the leader had to present myself with Alex inside the Togolese Immigration Office.  What a time consuming ordeal but thank God, we were all in compliance, no hassles, no hang ups.  School was out and tons of Togolese school children rushed over the border from Ghana.  They prefer to learn English in Ghana in order to further their school work.  Being here gave me an opportunity to use my 6 years of scooby-doo French.  I am currently studying Arabic and it seems so much easier. Perhaps it’s because in another life I’m told I was of Egyptian royalty, possibly a Queen in the 17th century.

It was getting late, so our schedule was thrown off.  We saw what we could see before checking in to our Hotel 2 Fevrier.  The purpose for the Lomé  stop to overnight was merely to break up the long bus ride.  Remember we still have to reach Benin, also French speaking and with the same currency used in Togo (CFA). Ghana used Cedi (GHS).  Before we crossed over, our designated money- changer, Innocent, (yes that’s his name) came on the bus and handled the business.  Yes, more love for the group.

The population of Togo is about 8 million and 50% practice voodoo. No, we would only be here a hot minute.  Our hotel is the only 5 star hotel in Lome’ and it is quite lovely. My suite was on the 26th floor equipped with a washer, dryer, stove, microwave, full size fridge, dishwasher…..all quite lovely but only for 1 night.

My party folks made their way to the top floor where there was live music and then a DJ doing his thing.  They partied. I understand they showed these folks what they were working with on the dance floor and were told these folks ain’t never seen nothin like it at this hotel.   I missed it.  I needed to relax and get my inspiration from somewhere to bring you this blog.   It’s now 6am and I’m just waking up with some inspiration to complete this blog.

After breakfast….on the road again headed to Ganvie, the village on the water, commonly referred to as the Venice of West Africa.

One thought on “The Journey Continues

  1. Good Morning Cuz:

    You and your tour group always seem to have the best time ever. Again, I cannot wait!

    Counting the days, Cuz Nez


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