Say My Name, Say My Name

After breakfast we had a 2 hour drive ahead of us. We would be the honored guests at the Torgorme (tor gor may) Village for a naming ceremony.  Upon our arrival, there was dancing, drumming and singing,  It was quite a welcome.  The Chief began the ceremony with libations and prayer, giving thanks for our group safely  returning “home” to Africa and to their village. Each one in the group was called up and given their African name (based on the day of the week they were born), their local name and the meaning.  They were presented with a bracelet and a beautiful hand made pot with both names inscribed upon it.

They saved my turn for last.  The Village Chief and the Queen Mother personally presented mine.  Incidentally, this was the second time in 2 days where I was one on one interacting with a Chief and a Queen Mother.  I was honored beyond words. My African name is  Akosya (a female born on Sunday) and my last name, Sevram meaning “God bless me”.  There was more dancing and  drumming and we were  also given a demonstration by their best pottery maker on how the pots are made.

Before saying our goodbyes;   on behalf of the group, I thanked the Chief, Queen Mother and the villagers for their warm and most welcoming hospitality.  As we departed, we blessed the Village with donations.  Gail Kelly, a resident of Griffin, Georgia; saw a need and will make 100 of her pillowcase dresses for next year. I guess I will be the designated courier when I return.  Today at the village, Gail discovered that the University of Georgia is a sponsor of this Village. What a coincidence! This Village experience made us all feel so at home and one we won’t soon forget.

Our lunch reservation was a 45 minute drive from the village in Akosombo at the lovely  SENCHI HOTEL AND RESORT situated in one of the most beautiful locations in Ghana, on the banks of the famous VOLTA RIVER in the Eastern region.

Our guide, Elvis, made the return drive fun.  He made himself Chief Examiner and quizzed each of us on what our new names are and the meaning.  Mostly everyone did a great job. Here, yet another  guide (like all my guides)  wrapped around the groups fingers.  They talked him into stopping at the ACCRA MALL so they could pay a visit to the fabric store.  Picture me shaking my head.  Okay, so I gave in to that but then somebody wanted to stop off and purchase chocolates……REALLY???? FOR REAL??? FOR REAL FOR REAL???  No y’all, not tonight!  Try that tomorrow after we check out and begin our 3 hour drive to TOGO.  Some of the party people would be hitting one of Accra’s nightclubs tonight and I cannot wait to hear about it.

Tomorrow….the journey continues.


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