Chi Town or Cape Town?

11 straight years in Cape Town this same time of year and I’ve never experienced such high, gusty winds.  It really felt like we were in the “Windy City” , feeling the effects of the almighty hawk.

Upon our arrival, our cheerful, knowledgeable guide, Desmond De La Cruz was standing by to meet and greet us. Just like our Joburg guide, Joe; I knew they all would love him.  It was almost time for our welcome dinner in the Atlantic Restaurant so we had to hurry. We didn’t have far to go.  It is located in our hotel, the fabulous TABLE BAY.   Upon entering the dining room,   The table was impeccably set and I couldn’t be happier. Rveryone seemed happy with their selections from the menu and the wines I chose: a Cabernet, a Riesling and a Chardonnay seemed to make them happy as well.

The next morning would be an early start for the Cape Peninsula tour along the Atlantic seaboard past Camps Bay then over Chapman’s Peak Drive.  As we entered the Cape of Good Hope they all had a chance to see ostrich and baboons.  It was so very windy, I imagined what Vasco de Gamma and those other  explorers experienced sailing through this ferocious  Atlantic Ocean not in the spring but in the dead of winter.

Since we changed our itinerary slightly by flying to Kruger, this group missed our diamond shopping in Joburg but got a surprise stop at Shimansky here in Cape Town.  By the time they got to Green Market Square, ready to barter and make some deals;  it was even windier. The vendors were packing up.   I know they  were saying, “to hell with this…. we are outta here”.

I’ve seen it half this gusty when the ferry to Robben Island would not operate so I was worried the weather would not permit it the next day. So sadly, that’s what happened but  They made the best of it.    They were itching to do more shopping on Long Street anyway so that was it and then a chance to interact with the local residents of Langa Township tour afterwards.    Tonight some are going to enjoy some Cape Town jazz and others going to the multi level Gold’s Restaurant to enjoy a true African evening.

Tomorrow: The Winelands Tour — lunch and wine tasting followed by our farewell dinner.

In closing, you all know I’m about uplifting and promoting my sisters and brothers.  Joyce Crum’s college room mate, Gwen Tabb and her husband Willie of Michigan are on this tour.      Shout out to Joyce, “Thank you”!!   Gwen is a very talented and awesomely gifted jewelry designer.  I’ve posted some of her DST, AKA & OMEGA bracelets.  They are absolutely gorgeous. She’s got tons of designs and she will even customize.    I can’t wait to get my signature “White & Silver Kat” bracelet and my specially designed bracelet for  F1 race car driver, Lewis Hamilton ( who is racing in the Singapore Grand Prix tomorrow).  Go, Hamilton!!!!  Whatever your heart desires,    If you need that bracelet,   drop me an email and I will hook you up.


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