It’s An Everyday Thing in Cairo

The Temptations sang about it.., It’s an everyday thang…in the ghetto.  Cairo has so many faces and I love them all… the good and the not so good.  This is day 4 for me at home in Giza.  I’m still getting the royal treatment and I’m lovin’ it. Am I on vacation?   The second half of the group is still in Israel, returning tomorrow and Hamada and I will pop over to their hotel to have dinner at the Thai restaurant where he and I shared our first dinner.

A few days ago we went over to the FOUR SEASONS HOTEL FIRST RESIDENCE.  It’s in Giza and I wanted to take a peek.  As you can imagine, it’s beautiful beyond words.  That night, while he was at the barber shop (the guys here call it the hairdresser)  I was at a neighborhood cafe doing my WiFi thing and drinking “shay” (tea)  in the middle of the locals watching the Egypt vs South Africa soccer match.  Right,  10pm? Getting a haircut and face shaved?  I tell you, this city never sleeps.  It’s nonstop activities.  Whatever one needs, it can be had, it can be done past midnight: need a pair of shoes? new outfit?  pharmacy? Bakery? Pay your phone bill? Pick up your dry cleaning? No doubt they’ve got the Big Apple beat by far.

As we go to and fro, I enjoy the sights and sounds of this city,   looking out the car window like a kid and soaking up every bit of it.  Yesterday, we had a late lunch at the HARD ROCK CAFE, a stone’s throw from the Citadel where the MUHAMMAD ALI MOSQUE is located.  Everything was good at the cafe; the food, the service, the handsome waiters and last but not least the music.  No alcohol but that’s ok.  We don’t drink anyway but the music I loved.  In our home it’s Egyptian music, videos and prayers on tv. So I was feelin’ it when my son, Moe Bounce (rip) theme song came on: Mo Bounce to Da Ounce by Zap, followed by my dear friend Sly Stone’s “If You Want Me To Stay”. Those 2 tunes sure put me in a mellow mood.

After Hard Rock, we headed home. Hubby makes up for any of his missed prayers.  That’s a must!  Later that night, his best friend and co-worker, Jacir picked us up and we visited SAFARY 2000.  It’s a hip 2 story restaurant with Shisha, comfortable huge leather chairs and convenient outlets to charge your devices. It doesn’t close til 3 am.     They did the shisha thing, watched videos while I did my online thing.

A few more days here and then it’s off to meet a new group in Abu Dhabi at the RITZ CARLTON GRAND CANAL for 3 nights, followed by 5 nights in Dubai at the 5 star hotel KEMPINSKI MALL OF THE EMIRATES.  I look forward to it.  It will be like a delayed honeymoon 😎

Until next time..,,

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