At Last, In Aswan

We disembarked the cruise in Aswan, my most favorite city in Egypt.  It is here that I feel most at home, in Upper Egypt, towards the Sudan.  Conversely, Cairo in the north is Lower Egypt.  Aswan is 350 miles south of Cairo. Once here, one can easily tell and feel the difference.

After the group toured the NUBIAN MUSEUM, we checked in to the MÖVENPICK ASWAN HOTEL.  What a lovely property.  Later in the day, they paid a visit to the NUBIAN VILLAGE.  The Nubians originated from Southern Egypt and Northern Sudan and settled along the Nile River.  It’s a preserved isle of one of the oldest civilizations in history.  They have not only conserved their ancient traditions but also their Nubian language which is only spoken and has no official alphabet. The village is filled with geometric shapes and bright colors.  The triangle shapes represent the 3 most important sources of life for the Nubians – the earth (neon green), the sun (stunning yellow), the sky, the Nile (various shades of blue).

After arriving by the two felucca at the village, the group was greeted by the Nubian women,  then welcomed in one of the private homes to see how they live.  Later they walked to the local school where the teacher gave them a mini crash course in Arabic and one of the Nubian dialects.

Our tour is almost over.   The group has covered so much territory and has learned so much.  3 nights in Aswan is a perfect ending to the KATTRAX EGYPTIAN ODYSSEY. Monday, we’ll say “Ma Salaama” to Aswan.  Some will continue to the Holy Land, the rest will return to the states and I will return to my husband in Cairo. Maybe I will be successful in convincing my Omar Sharif to move from Cairo to Aswan, this place I love so well. As an Upper Egyptian no doubt he’ll feel more at home.

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