Horse Carriages, Hot Air Balloons and Cruising the Nile

We finished our 2 night Luxor stay with a horse and carriage ride while some opted for the Sound and Light Show afterwards.  I look forward to the rides through the town.  It’s very relaxing and I enjoy soaking up local Luxor color every time.   Simply put, it’s one of my highlights.   Before leaving Luxor, some of the adventure seekers received a 4am wake-up call to be taken to the Hot Air Balloon launching station.  As the sun rose, they saw all the sights on the East and West Banks from yet another perspective, in a most exciting and exhilarating way.
Day 6 into the tour found us embarking on the ROYAL LOTUS for our 4 day cruise on the Nile River; the longest River in the world,  one of the few rivers that flows south to north. It’s the same river where the Hebrew baby, Moses  was hidden and found by Pharoah’s daughter.

My first cruise on the Nile; what was important to me was to have floor to ceiling windows and balconies.  Silly me,  what should have been my priority was the cuisine on board.  We had the huge windows and balconies but the food left a lot to be desired.  After that 4 days I knew that tasty, well presented food had to be at the top of my wishlist.  The ROYAL LOTUS gives us everything to ensure an excellent cruise.  I couldn’t believe how the managers and head Chef remembered me and welcomed me “home”  with a huge floral arrangement and a cubed mango and strawberry arrangement.  They refuse to take my money for my beverages.  The Manager said, “You are family and family cannot pay”.  By the same token, they have extended the best hospitality to the entire KATTRAX group. Whatever one needs, they have been certain to oblige.

Being up on the deck relaxing as we cruise the calm and peaceful Nile is an experience that cannot be compared to any other. Seeing the local vendors pull up in a canoe, latch onto the boat, toss up the goods they wish to sell; is a sight you probably won’t see anywhere else.  Everyday, our guide and Egyptologist, Mo will escort the group on the shore excursions to Edfu and Kom Ombo.
A cruise on the Nile gives one an opportunity to get a glimpse of daily life; men sitting on the banks having morning tea or smoking shisha pipes, seeing the sugarcane and wheat fields, mud huts, children waving as the boats go by, seeing the illuminated minarets in the dusk light and hearing the call to worship….these are just a few of the things one would never see without a Nile Cruise.


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