Serena, You are Wonderful!


Serengeti Serena Lodge… I should have known with a name like “SERENA” it had to be a winner. From the moment we set foot on this property, we have been shown nothing but LOVE, pure and unadulterated LOVE.  This being my 13th visit to a Game Lodge, in Africa, I tend to pass on the drives even though each drive is special in its own right.  The knowledge and expertise of the Ranger has a lot to do with the success and we had it with the 3 brothers assigned to our group.

While the others spent their time enjoying the 2 drives a day and in some cases all day; my time was spent getting rejuvenated at the Spa, resting, reflecting and preparing for upcoming international tours.  At lunch yesterday, enjoying with Ms Sonia Epps, mother of Tedra Scott; the server asked me, what? no game drive?  I said,   No.  and about that time there were about 8 zebras sipping water at the pool and out of nowhere, 2 huge buffalo appeared.  I said, “See the drives come to me”.  It was spectacular.

We were all told to meet at the bar before dinner.  The staff had a surprise in store for us.  We were led to a very private area that was set up just for us.  There were 3 beautifully set tables and a bonfire  for our group and our 3 Rangers, a complete buffet with the Chef and his Sous Chefs grilling fish, lamb and sausages, a total spread down to desserts.  As we made our entrance the group was served flutes of champagne.  We even had the drummers and dancers….all for the Kattrax Group.   The spokesman told us, we were the largest ever African American group they have had and he’s been here 20 years.  They were so honored to have us in their presence.  Dessie AJ and Tedra had words of appreciation for the staff and our Rangers.

In closing, the entire staff paraded through singing, dancing and with a cake.  They even got me up to dance.  It was a beautiful farewell.  Who knows? Maybe we will return some day.   Tomorrow we fly to the island of ZANZIBAR.   I’m excited!

3 thoughts on “Serena, You are Wonderful!

  1. AWESOME!Reminds me of our safari! Miss Kat is regal and so is your sister lioness!Keep taking me with you!Be safe. Be happy! Be you! Hugs from my sofa, watching all the rain come down! No flooding for me but other areas are looking like Harvey came back. Deborah

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