Negril, It’s Good To Be Back

The trip is almost over and I haven’t blogged 1 time.  Well, for one, it’s been a busy past 6 weeks; Colombia, my Egyptian journey and marriage to my handsome husband Mr. Nazim  and now here on the beautiful paradise island of Jamaica.  I must say, It’s been different. First of all,  Here part of  4 generations: Me, daughter DeeDee, granddaughters  Casey, Marshell & Sakari, grandson Donte’ and last but definitely not least; great grandson, King who is more than a handful.  I’ve babysat him through 3 activities: Waterfalls, Katamaran & Cooking School so Casey could handle the business. Growing up here from the age of 6, now at 24 she does a fantastic job as my assistant,    She says Jamaica “Yes”, all the other destinations, “No”.

Sadly, Sandra Philips lost her mother a few days before this trip.  Let’s keep her and the family in prayer.  So glad Sandra joined us last year and had a marvelous time.  God willing, she will be with us next week in Italy and then on to Fiji.

A few of us came before the group.  I say upon arrival for $50, make it easy on yourself, skip the long lines and opt for the VIP service. You will be escorted through the Fast Track lane of Immigration, to collect luggage then to the Lounge where you can freshen up, eat snacks,  have drinks and charge up your devices before being escorted outside to your driver.  Just an FYI world travelers; in visiting Jamaica travel with your Yellow Fever card if you have traveled to certain countries 6 weeks prior.  That nurse at the health desk before Immigration ain’t no joke and will give you the blues if she can.

Wow! Being back in Negril is just what the doctor ordered for me and a lot of others who have had trying times and a lot of stress these past several months. The white  sandy  Beach, the pristine, crystal clear turquoise water, the beautiful people and the delicious well prepared food is a combination difficult to match anywhere in the world.   It’s been so good to see so many repeaters from previous KATTRAX adventures which always turn into KATTRAX reunions.

The  Meet and Greet in the lobby with the reggae band and awesome vocalist, Dragon was a great kick off.  It got everybody in a proper “Jamaica state of mind” and hostess Janice had the ladies on the floor trying to teach them to Dollar Whine.

Our Gospel Brunch was all that with Elrick’s Crusaders, Lady Tanya and  15 year old singer Jay.  He was with us 8 years ago.  He is truly gifted,  Nicole Robinson-Hamilton who read about me in Essence early 90s and has been half way around the world with me gave us an inspirational message from Jeremiah 23:23 “I am a God who is everywhere and not in one place only”.  Her words were truly food for our souls… “soul food”.

The day at YS Falls was enjoyed by all in and under the swirling waters and I understand Casey swung from the rope and dropped down 20 ft.   I guess that’s where King, at almost 2 gets his fearlessness from. SMH🤦‍♀️.

I wasn’t on the Kat-a-Maran but I’m still getting thumbs up from so many on how awesome it was and such a highlight of their trip.

Mr. Bilani of  the jewelry store, 3B’s is going out of business after 27 years.  He sent complimentary transportation and the ladies had a great time shopping for silver bangles, gold & diamonds.  Last night after Ricks Cafe for the sunset. Mr Bilani and wife Neeta surprised me and my family with a lovely seaside birthday dinner at ZEST which is located inside the very laid-out and gorgeous  CLIFF HOTEL, located past Ricks Cafe

20 years ago, right here at Tree House Resort, I celebrated a week of events for my birthday. Because I’m 20 again,  In commemoration,  this afternoon,  the first 20 that signed up for this year’s trip will be on the private 58ft Flybridge yacht of Italian design.  They say Robert DeNiro has rented  it so it’s got to be an AWESOME experience. Last year’s birthday in Mykonos, Greece I got hooked on yachts. Yes, Mykonos was Dope!  a must do again!    Tomorrow will be my All White Dinner party, with DJ and Open Bar.   Stay tuned for pictures!




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