Greetings Travelers,

From sunny Antioch, soon to be Negril next week, immediately followed by Italy, followed by Egypt. Yes, My husband, his family and the over 600 villagers patiently await my return.  Sometimes in life, no matter what the consequences one must stand their ground, hash it out and come to an understanding of which we have reached.  Yes, Shonda, there will be the wedding ceremony and you will see some of the most beautiful Muslim wedding dresses and unbelievably gorgeous custom made  embellished hijabs (head coverings).

I couldn’t believe how many of you were interested in my Egyptian journey. Some of whom I hadn’t heard from since I actually started blogging in 2013. (Smdh).  At any rate I’ve got everybody’s attention now.  Before I give you some Kat’s Kibbles and Bits of upcoming travel; I will take this opportunity to educate and share a bit of the culture.

It is the right of the bride to dictate the weight of gold of her wedding ring.  In my case, I didn’t care about weight, only what I liked. I was given 5 rings to choose from. I made my choice, one designed by the owner of the gold souk.   It was delivered to the family home and great grandmother is keeping it safe until my arrival.

Whatever the wife owns, cannot be touched by  the husband. This includes the top floor of the family home in the Village that was gifted to me by my father-in-law, Ali baba aka The Pope; completely retrofitted to my specifications and my comfort and put in my name.  The husband has to show he has a comfortable home for his wife. In my case, I have 2, a penthouse in Cairo with a small view of the Nile and the one in the Village. The husband must show receipts of gifts purchased for his bride and In keeping with his Islamic teachings, no sex until after marriage.

What about multiple wives? In 2007 it was ruled polygamy served no purpose. Only 3% of Egyptians practice it these days.   No one in my husband’s family practices it. In our marriage contract it states that he and I agree he will only have 1 wife.

Lastly, what about Sharia law? A big concern of some.  As long as the messenger, The Prophet Muhammad, (peace be upon him) is respected, there is no need for concern. My husband and my husband’s family respect The Prophet – peace be upon him.

Kat’s Kibbles & Bits – GHANA 2020.   There were enough interested for me to create a tour for 2020. Deposits were due April 30th. No deposits came through.  I reached out and found all had a change of plans. Therefore….Cancelled it.   Accra is beautiful and the Slave Castles most interesting, including the Door of No Return. In my opinion that’s all that is needed.   We went to Togo and Benin this year but I removed it from next year. Benin is the voodoo capital of the world and out of 8 million inhabitants 50% practice it.  No, my friends, not going back there. I prefer not to deal with the dark side.  This year 3 visas were needed – extra expense.  A yellow fever vaccination is required and costly- $325. Also needed: Hep A, Hep B, Typhoid and Malaria pills needed.  Been there, done that, don’t have to do it again.

2021 Australia and New Zealand May be in the works.  We’ve done it twice already. We can certainly do it again. In any case, I’m always open and receptive to new destinations.  Any ideas?  Let me hear from you.

Until next time….

5 thoughts on “STOOD MY GROUND

  1. Mrs.Ahmed! Stood your ground and shoveled the dirt over silent naysayers. Keep doing you. Me and this bad foot  joyfully walked the streets of Paris, after a FABULOUS birthday dinner at Villa Maasai restaurant.  So sweet to see Stanley and Annette request Thieboudienne as suggested by ‘auntie Kat’ / Stanley loved it – after fishing out them little fishbones!  I steered the girls to Yassa Poulet  and I had the Mafe Poulet. Everyone enjoyed their meal and the restaurant.  I arranged the waiter to do a Happy birthday for my girl. Awesome!  Be well.Roommate  out!

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  2. I am so happy that everything has worked out and looking forward to the pictures! Sorry I missed the deadline for Ghana and really want to go so hopefully sometime in the near future.
    Look forward to seeing you in a few days!
    Love and happiness,

  3. Hi Kat, thank you for the lesson in Egyptian culture, I had no idea. I’m sure the ceremony will be beautiful and filled with love. As for travel suggestions, what about Bali and Thailand?


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