In The Square

Al Hussein Mosque built in 1154 is considered to be one of the holiest Islamic sites in Egypt. It is named after the Prophet Muhammad’s (may peace be upon him) grandson and It houses the oldest complete manuscript of the Holy Quran.  In front It has 2 huge ornate giant umbrellas that are operated electronically. These protect those praying outside on intensely hot days or when the weather changes, it provides shelter when there is heavy rainfall. It’s location is next to the popular Bazaar Khan El Khalili.

Tonight, Crowds, hundreds of people filled the Square. I’m not big on crowds but the energy was electrifying, I liked the vibes and loved the local color. I’m thinking why did we leave the cool air conditioned upscale restaurant with linen, silverware and china to come to this hot, hot crowded place outdoors with plastic cups, plastic utensils and paper napkins.  Hamada wanted Iftar in the Square tonight near this holy place so he could go to the Mosque and pray for our civil marriage and future happiness after Iftar. I didn’t know the reason beforehand but after his explanation I was fine and the food was excellent. After eating, he found a cafe and ordered shay (tea). He would go pray and I would sit, drink shay and answer emails. His heart is like mine; we just can’t say no to those in need and they seemed to be everywhere.  He cautioned me to stay put and hold onto my purse. I did that but soon I had to go bad. I asked the waiter, he asked the owner who said to me, “Follow me”. Oh Lord!  We went about 50 yds to another outdoor cafe, then that owner said, “Upstairs”.  Inside it had to be 100 degrees as I climbed this very narrow stairway, then another flight, then another flight. I finally make it to the top and I’m thinking as old as these buildings are, I bet I got to squat. Uh oh, the door won’t open but no indication it was occupied. I pushed, I knocked, I pushed.  Dang, I can’t  go back. What am I to do? Finally a young girl emerged.  There was a hole in the floor but thank God there was a toilet too. Whew!

As I made my way back, I spotted Hamada looking bewildered then a smile when he saw me but I could tell he wanted to say, “Didn’t I tell you to stay put”?

What an experience!  Blogging is therapy for me. I need it right now.   I must admit, I’m nervous about tomorrow at Marriage Court… probably because it’s called “Court”.

4 thoughts on “In The Square

  1. Kat, Honey, it would be a problem I think if you didn’t feel nervous or some kind of way. This is totally outside of your culture. I expect it will be a beautiful and wonderful occasion, mainly because you will be the focus point. I continuing praying for God’s peace and Blessings He God your back


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  2. Girl. I was climbing those steps with you and praying for a safe outcome! We watch too many movies! And further thanks that there was a seat.Be wellBe safeBe HAPPY!🙃💜🎶💍

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  3. Hi there, those lanterns are so cool. I need to put that in my future trips. Lol. How are you, no I am not going to ask.. lol. Smile

    KeepSmiling Richard G.


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