New Year’s 2020 in Dubai – Kat’s Countdown

I’m presently somewhere 37,000 ft  in the clouds between Singapore and San Francisco sitting in my seat on Singapore Airlines A-350 with a sprained ankle but I continue to live up to a nickname given to me by Simon….Kat A-Dub – translated is Kat Always Workin’. Hang on,  I’m going to make this short and sweet.

We’ve already got Dubai next December in place and since being in Dubai last month I’ve been toying with the idea of ringing in 2020 there.  How many times have we all watched their elaborate fireworks display on television wishing we were there?  They get it before we do.   How much money have you spent treating family and friends to New Years Celebrations in your home.   Lord knows I have… rewind to 1999 into 2000 and we partied in my home like Prince suggested : huge pots of gumbo, Dom Perignon and Crystal Champagne flowing, and then breakfast of catfish, grits and homemade biscuits the next day for those that stayed over.  The cost was well over $3500 and I know you’ve done  something similar in the past.  Oh, and all those New Years cruises a lot of us have done in the past….. yes a lot of fun and a lot of money; especially when we tally up money spent trying to make our way back home dealing with cancelled flights, unexpected hotel nights due to bad azz east coast weather.

Anyway, I did say “short and sweet” didn’t I?   Caesar’s just opened up on the lavish man-made island of Bluewaters, with views of Jumeriah and their newest attraction, The Ain Wheel,  the world’s largest observation wheel set to open 2019.  We will have perfect views, up close and personal of the fireworks display at ATLANTIS.  Cost for 5 nights, $2700pp plus your plane ticket. Think about that 90 degree weather you will experience in December.    We’ve got 1 week to make the decision to swap out Dec 3-9 for Dec 28 – Jan 2.  So my friends, let me hear from you.  What I don’t want is wishy – washy folks.  Yes, that’s my latest pet peeve. Some of you must remember that song our parents listened to: First you say you do, and then you don’t, then you say you will and then you won’t….. You’re undecided now so what are you going to do?      Life is short and so uncertain so try to treat yourself, don’t cheat yourself.  Until next time, it’s Kat counting down… 1 week.

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