Sunday was off to a great beginning for me.  This has been the most relaxing time for me since my last Fiji run last year. Well, Kat what about that fabulous Mykonos trip for your birthday in July?   Yes, relaxing to a degree but I still had to have on my Tour Guide hat. After all, one wants their  birthday details to be purr-fect and that in itself requires  worry and brings a great deal of stress.     The Maldives……worry free.  Everybody’s doing their own thing. As my mother would say,  “Minding their business and leaving yours alone”.   Yes, mommy, I’m sure you are smiling.  Your baby girl got it in this time around.

For starters, I eased down my back stairs, marveled at the beauty before me and got into the sea. There was turquoise blue  water as far as my eyes could see.    I decided to skip breakfast and not be late for my appointment at the ARAAMU SPA.  They have over 50 different treatment options and I was about to do part 1 to recover totally from the strains of modern life ; a Swedish massage with medium pressure put me in a blissful state of mind, body and spirit.  Part 2 will be Tuesday when I get my foot and leg massage.  Afterwards, I rested and prepared myself mentally for this night fishing excursion.  Sonya F,  Alicia R, Michelle R and myself signed up and made up a group of 12 on our boat. There was another boat of about 16 also going out.   It was straight fun!  Well, if you know me well, you know I can fall asleep anywhere; on a plane, on a safari, sitting straight up in bed and yes now we know…,.on a night fishing boat.  I caught  2 fish. The first was when I was sound asleep.  We didn’t have poles, we each had a line.  I felt a slight tug and bingo bango, I pulled up a decent sized banana fish.    My adrenaline was flowing now and I was ready for the next.    My next one was a much much bigger red snapper.  That’s what’s up.    The deal is, whatever the catch and whoever is down meets up at the Fish Market/BBQ Grill where one of the chefs will clean and cook them  for you.  Today was a good day and as Cube sings, I didn’t  have to use my AK. or in my case ; I didn’t have to summon Goldie for assistance.   Yeah, let her get some rest.  It’s been a rough year for both of us ….11 foreign countries, 8 different carriers, air miles flown – unknown, and last but not least over 320 personalities that I personally escorted and interacted with.    This does not include the “dirty thirty” and all the “50 year  birthday” milestone groups I put together this year  but did not escort.  Some ask,  “Kat, how do you do it”?  My answer :  “Only by the grace of God”.

This resort is filled with a countless number of things to do and  many dining options.  Our package comes with breakfast and dinner included  in the main restaurant but then for a small fee, you can dine wherever you choose.  I love their cashless system…just pay up at the end for any  extras you opt for.   I skipped breakfast again, stayed in bed til 2:00pm, enjoying the ocean view from my room, then threw on a swimsuit and made my way to the Main Bar, past the pool and at the edge of the sea.  I knew some of our folks were bound to be there talkin’ that talk,  drinking that yak and talkin smack. Yes, I was right!!      What? No Michelle?  Someone said, “ Oh she’s in negotiations inside at the bar”.   It seems the bar manager knew her well. She stayed put until he gave her a good price on a bottle of Barbados rum.  Smh and Lmao.

Crum mentioned how good the live band was last night.  He said they  did reggae and a little bit of everything.  I hate that I missed it but I can’t do it all.  Tonight in celebration of my Deedee’s Birthday; I chose the Thai restaurant at the end of the pier. Happy birthday DeeDee in absentia.   Dinner was great!!! I love you!

To the young ladies itching to get a taste of the high end Maldive Islands:  Hold onto your dollars.  You can’t go wrong here at Sun Island Resort.  When you find Mr. Right and decide to say, “I do”, let him do it big baller style and spend his $15K for 5 nights on another island.   Again,  The Kattrax Group made a positive impression just like the staff in Mykonos hated to see us leave and told me we were the best group they have ever had.  I’m sure these folks will be saying the same thing.  They take care of us, we take care of them.

Don’t go!!!   I’ve got Kat News and Kat’s Kibbles and Bits to share in my next blog….Stay tuned !



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