And On This Day in The Maldives…

After giving thanks to the Most High One for allowing me to spend another glorious day in paradise; this  morning, Michelle and I hit the main restaurant for a quick, but healthy breakfast. After all we had just arrived a few hours earlier but we had reservations to make….spa treatments, a fishing excursion, Lobster night, etc and to get the lay of the land.  We ran into Elvin and Joyce Crum and we all strolled around the property for a bit.     If you know Crum, you know it’s always a pleasure being in his company. He’s got the true gift of gab and he never fails to keeps it 100!

I made all  my reservations, took a much needed very long nap and was ready at 8pm  for lobster night at the Seafood Market.  Michelle ordered the grilled lobster and I, Lobster Thermidor.  I’ve got to tell you it was the best Thermidor I have ever had and I’ve had a lot.   We also shared some grilled prawns out the shell.    Everything was freshly caught and seasoned to the ultimate perfection.  Service here is on point. The servers make sure you have all that you need.  While waiting for dinner, I strolled over to say hello to Della, Sandy and her friends Gillian and Anthony.  They all seemed to have enjoyed their meal and Della was raving about the seafood rice.  Now you know I needed to check it out.  Again, another hit! It was the best seafood rice I’ve ever had.  This is real talk! I cannot tell a lie. I casually walked over to the salad table and out of nowhere a chef appeared and offered to make me any salad at all.  Mmmmm, I said how about a Caesar salad.  He said no problem.  Now,  Caesar dressing can be a tricky thing but he mastered the hell out of it, not too tangy, the perfect consistency and with a subtle taste of anchovies.

In a few hours when I wake, I will walk down the rear stairs of my unit and put my feet in this Indian Ocean before a light breakfast and before my much needed Swedish massage.

I haven’t held a fishing pole since the 80’s  when I went deep sea fishing in the Farralon Islands so I’m truly looking forward to this experience.  Maldivian fishermen know where the best fishing spots are around their islands and how not to come back from a fishing trip with empty hands.  I am so ready to enjoy my catch grilled at the island BBQ restaurant afterwards. Stay tuned, more to come….


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