The Kat Has Landed – In the Maldive Islands

It’s been a real journey but I and others made it. We were coming from everywhere; west coast, east coast, and the midwest. We were on some of the worlds best airlines: Singapore, Emirates,  and Qatar.  I have been wanting to fly Singapore Airlines since I started in this industry decades ago and the opportunity finally presented itself.  I tell you it was the best then and in my opinion still tops.

Sometimes we have to step outside of our comfort zone to experience all that God has created for our enjoyment.  Two others were with me from Sfo nonstop to Singapore – 17 freakin hours.  Was I happy about that long flight ? Heck no! Plus it required a change of planes then a 4 hour flight into Male’  (pronounced mah lay). Wait…there’s more.  After landing in Male, we were greeted and walked over to the domestic terminal  where we ran into tour members; Kellea and Toronda who had flown in on Qatar.  We then waited to board a small aircraft which took us to a dock  where we boarded a speed boat and the captain literally “rode the waves”. The ride was a mere 7 minutes to the SUN ISLAND RESORT AND SPA.  The time now was after 2am.  Check in was smooth plus the staff arranged to serve the 5 of us an “early” breakfast.

Even though it was night time, it was plain to see the resort was gorgeous.  Now, I’ve got clients that have done this “baller style” spending $10K for a 5 night stay  in a villa with a plunge pool including paying $300 for the transportation to their resort.  I knew this experience could be done nicely for less for those wanting to get a taste of the Maldive Islands.  Our resort is the largest in the Maldives and it is the only resort on our island, Nalaguraidhoo in the South Ari Atoll.

Since August I have escorted to Brazil, South Africa, Egypt and Dubai, a total of over 150 clients and friends  You can imagine all I’ve had to deal with. This trip I plan to get in some serious “me” time, spa treatments, parasailing, and even going on a fishing excursion where after the catch it’s all about throwing it on the grill and gettin’ down.  No promises but I will try to share experiences as the days go by.  On Dec 10th I will be celebrating my Deedee’s birthday.  This trip was initially planned for her but things changed for her and at any rate, here I am and enjoy I will.


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